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Dr R Ramdass

Contact number: 0314590320
Store number: 16C
Category: Health & Beauty

Billy's Biltong

Contact number: 0313026208
Store number: 13
Category: Restaurants & Fast Food


Contact number:
Store number: 4-5-6
Category: Bank

Cash Crusaders

Contact number: 0314591062
Store number: 31
Category: Speciality Stores , Homeware , Jewellery , Electronics

Cedar Falls Spur

Contact number: 0314656644
Store number: 27
Category: Restaurants & Fast Food

Cell C

Contact number: 0747347570
Store number: 3
Category: Celluar

Checkers Liquor

Contact number: 0219804893
Store number: 15
Category: Supermarkets & Liquor Stores

Cleopatra Perfumes

Contact number: 0313069366
Store number: 1A
Category: Health & Beauty


Contact number: 0214601192
Store number: 24
Category: Homeware , Health & Beauty , Pharmacy

Cosmos Fashions

Contact number: 0763488868
Store number: 8
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 0319407117
Store number: 14
Category: Restaurants & Fast Food


Contact number: 0313682178
Store number: 1C
Category: Speciality Stores , Homeware , Jewellery

Fashion Fusion

Contact number: 0313126948
Store number: 1B
Category: Fashion


Contact number: 0832318338
Store number: 12
Category: Speciality Stores , Tobacconist

Garment Division

Contact number: 0836270841
Store number: 103
Category: Fashion

Ivory & Isle

Contact number: 0834548962
Store number: 3
Category: Speciality Stores

JKS Security

Contact number: 0314923174
Store number: 17B
Category: Security


Contact number: 0315797300
Store number: 34
Category: Restaurants & Fast Food

Krish's Florist

Contact number: 0314652828
Store number: 28
Category: Speciality Stores


Contact number: 0314651132
Store number: 11
Category: Speciality Stores , Hardware

Mobile Communications

Contact number: 0313126022
Store number: 22
Category: Celluar , Electronics

Mohamed's Jewellers & Watchmakers

Contact number: 0314654799
Store number: 23
Category: Jewellery

Pep Stores

Contact number: 0219294750
Store number: 2
Category: Fashion


Contact number:
Store number: 19
Category: Pets

Post Office

Contact number: 0126497426
Store number: 26
Category: Postage and Courier services


Contact number: 0338110207
Store number: 20
Category: Postage and Courier services

Primecure Bluff

Contact number: 0314658723
Store number: 101
Category: Medical Services

SA Blood Bank

Contact number: 0317196965
Store number: 32
Category: Health & Beauty

Sausage Saloon

Contact number: 0784998455
Store number: 17A
Category: Restaurants & Fast Food

Sole Base

Contact number: 0828930447
Store number: 10A
Category: Fashion

Southway Laundromat and Dry Cleaning

Contact number: 0318114954
Store number: 16A
Category: Laundromat

Southway Optometrists

Contact number: 031465-6566
Store number: 18
Category: Health & Beauty

Star Bingo

Contact number: 0311091670
Store number: 102
Category: Gambling

Star Cellular

Contact number: 0722076764
Store number: 29
Category: Celluar , Electronics


Contact number: 0837556333
Store number: 16B
Category: Speciality Stores , Health & Beauty


Contact number:
Store number:
Category: Petrol Station

Vodacom Chatz

Contact number: 0314590131
Store number: 21
Category: Celluar , Electronics